What does Care Hive do?
Care Hive is an online platform that allows people to search for and connect with care and support workers in their area. People of all ages and abilities can book services on Care Hive for themselves, their friends or their family. Care Hive gives you the choice of individuals who may be employees of established care provider organisations (small, medium and large) or independent contractors who work for themselves.

Care Hive will give the consumer greater choice and control through greater visibility of individual care and support workers. On the Care Hive platform you can easily find, compare, choose and book support workers based on the things that matter most to you. Better yet, Care Hive is free for consumers, there are no fees!
Does Care Hive employ the care and support workers?
No. Care Hive does not provide any care or support services nor do we employ the carers, support workers or therapists on our platform. We're an online platform that enables people seeking care and support to easily search, connect with and book a carer, support worker or therapist in their local area. The carers and support workers on Care Hive either work for themselves as independent contractors or are employees of an established care provider organisation.
What type of services and support can I book on Care Hive?
You're able to request the help you're needing for all types of unique situations! Get support at home with personal care and everyday activities, for home and garden maintenance, for getting out and about in your local community, with keeping active and mobile, for study and work, for attending appointments or social events, for travel or when you are on holidays. Care and support workers on our platform will list the services they are able to provide on their profile. Care Hive is for people of all ages and abilities, for yourself or for friends and family.
How does Care Hive keep my personal information safe?
We take the privacy and security of your personal information seriously. Care Hive uses industry leading secure systems, servers and two-factor authentication solutions, to store and encrypt all data. For credit or debit card details, we directly integrate to Stripe, our secure payments system. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.
Are carers and support workers screened?
When choosing any carer or support worker with Care Hive, you're 100% in control and you're also involved in screening. You can see which individuals are employed by a service provider organisation and which work for themselves as independent contractors.

We screen service provider organisations and require them to attest to the qualifications and National Police Checks of their individual employees. Similarly, independent contractors are required to provide necessary background checks, qualifications and insurances prior to being approved to the Care Hive platform. 
How much does Care Hive cost?
Signing up to Care Hive is free for consumers! There are no membership fees or any charges additional charges applied to you by Care Hive. You only pay for the care or support worker and the service they provide at the agreed rate in addition to Merchant Fees applied to each transaction via our payment gateway, Stripe.

Care and support workers on the platform set their own rates, which are displayed on their profile. Care Hive charges service providers a small service fee on each completed service booking. See our Terms & Conditions.  
Can I book for family or friends?
Yes! You can use Care Hive for yourself or for loved ones. You’re able to create an account and add profiles for family and friends. You can search for carers and support workers, request bookings and make payments, all on their behalf!
How do I pay for services on Care Hive?
Care Hive securely collects payments from your credit or debit card via our secure payment gateway, Stripe. Once a booking is complete, the nominated credit or debit card is charged.

Care Hive directly integrates with Stripe and does not store your credit card details in our system. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.
Can I bring my own workers?
Yes! If you already know a fabulous care or support worker, nurse or allied health therapist, you can ask them to join Care Hive. We will need them to go through our regular on-boarding and approval process, then you will be able to book them through the platform. Call us on 1300 312 510 or email info@carehive.net.au for assistance.
Can organisations join Care Hive?
Yes! Care Hive is on a mission to give customers full visibility and choice of all the care and support workers in their area. So, we want care and support workers who are employees of established care organisations (small, medium and large), as well as people who work for themselves, to join the platform.

Organisations of all sizes who employ care and support workers, nurses and allied health professionals can join Care Hive and promote their individual service delivery staff directly to new and existing customers. Your brand can also be promoted by adding your organisation’s logo to the individual profiles of your staff.   
Still cannot find what you’re looking for?
If you have any question and want to explore more about Care Hive, please don't hesitate to contact us